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Omid Ghaleh Hasan

I am a product designer, user experience designer, and project manager for software design projects

Please contact me for consultation and discussing your ideas

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My past​

I have sought various experiences throughout different years, and in the table below, I have listed some of these experiences

In every role I have taken on, I aimed to instill a sense of initiative and creativity among my team members. By encouraging innovative thinking and embracing calculated risks, I aimed to cultivate an environment where new ideas could flourish

My Experiences


Co-founder at Jobsway (Exited)


Co-founder at Artoan (NGO)


Innovation Center Expert


UX Designer at DigiEdge


UX Designer at Skyroom

My Project

Dasht Online Shop

Dasht is a group formed by a number of youngsters from Mashhad who, every year, purchase high-quality saffron at affordable prices in bulk for their friends and acquaintances. Starting from this year, 1402, they have decided to expand this initiative and provide quality saffron to a larger number of people

Artoan (NGO)

Artoan is a grassroots movement recognized for its initiative of collecting plastic bottle caps by the public. The goal of this campaign is to assist financially disadvantaged individuals with disabilities. This endeavor encompasses various aspects: primarily, it is an environmental activity that also qualifies as a charitable deed. Additionally, it promotes voluntary work in its own way

Avtra Airline